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      Graduate Student Year Degree Thesis/Dissertation
      Daniel Lepkowski 2021 PhD GaAs0.75P0.25/Si Tandem Solar Cells: Design Strategies and Materials Innovations Enabling Rapid Efficiency Improvements
      Jacob Boyer 2020 PhD

      Epitaxy and Characterization of Metamorphic Semiconductors for III-V/Si Multijunction Photovoltaics

      Wenyuan Sun

      2020 PhD

      Impact of traps on GaN RF and power transistors performance and reliability

      Pran Paul 2019 PhD

      Impact of deep traps on CIGS solar cell performance and reliability 

      Kevin Galiano 2019 PhD

      Scanning Probe Microscopy Measurements and Simulations of Traps and Schottky Barrier Heights of Gallium Nitride and Gallium Oxide

      Esmat Farzana 2019 PhD

      Defects and Schottky Contacts in beta-Ga2O3: Properties, Influence of Growth Method and Irradiation 

      Daniel Chmielewski

      2018 PhD

      III-V Metamorphic Materials and Devices For Multijunction Solar Cells Grown Via MBE and MOCVD 

      Christine Jackson 2018 PhD

      Correlations of Electronic Interface States and Interface Chemistry on Dielectric/III-Nitride Heterostructures for Device Applications

      Julia Deitz 2018 PhD

      Bridging the Gap: Probing Structure-Property Relationships in Functional Materials through Advanced Electron Microscopy Based Characterization

      Nathan Vaughn 2016 MS (Non-Thesis MS)
      Zeng Zhang 2015 PhD

      Deep Level Defects in Advanced III-Nitride Semiconductors: Presence, Properties and Impact of Proton Irradiation 

      Anup Sasikumar 2014 PhD

      Quantitative spectroscopy of reliability limiting traps in operational gallium nitride based transistors using thermal and optical methods

      Christopher Ratcliff

      2014 PhD

      Growth and Characterization of III-Phosphide Materials and Solar Cells for III-V/Si Photovoltaic Applications

      Emre Cinkilic

      2013 MS

      Comparison of Interface State Spectroscopy Techniques by Characterizing Dielectric – InGaAs Interfaces

      Santosh Hariharan 2013 MS (Non-Thesis MS)

      Andrew M. Carlin

      2012/2010 PhD/MS

      Dissertation: Materials Integration and Metamorphic Substrate Engineering from Si to GaAs to InP for Advanced III-V/Si Photovoltaics

      Thesis: Growth and Strain Relaxation in Anion-Graded GaxIn1-xAsyP1-y

      Krishna Swaminathan

      2012 PhD

      Multi-spectral Photodetectors on GaAs Substrates using Metamorphic Epitaxy and Hybrid III-V Heterostructures

      Mark R. Brenner

      2009 MS

      GaP/Si Heteroepitaxy (Suppression of Nucleation Related Defects)

      Andrew C. Malonis

      2009 MS

      Quantitative defect spectroscopy on operating AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors

      Aaron R. Arehart

      2009 PhD

      Investigation of electrically active defects in GaN, AlGaN, and AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors

      Maria Gonzalez

      2009 PhD

      Electronic Defects of III-V Compound Semiconductor Materials Grown on Metamorphic SiGe Substrates for Photovoltaic Applications

      Yong Lin

      2007 PhD

      Science and applications of III-V graded anion metamorphic buffers on INP substrates

      Katherine L. Dykes

      2007 MS

      Surface Treatment and Characterization of Alloy SiGe in Preparation for MBE Growth Applications

      Andrew M. Armstrong

      2006 PhD

      Investigation of deep level defects in GaN:C, GaN:Mg and pseudomorphic AlGaN/GaN films

      Ojin Kwon

      2005 PhD

      Monolithic integration of III-V optoelectronics on SI

      John J. Boeckl

      2005 PhD

      Microstructural investigation of defects in epitaxial GaAs grown on mismatched Ge and SiGe/Si substrates

      Matthew R. Lueck

      2005 MS

      Impact of Annealing and Flux Ratio on MBE Grown GaInP Materials and Solar Cells

      Carrie L. Andre

      2004 PhD

      III-V semiconductors on SiGe substrates for multi-junction photovoltaics

      Robert J. Kaplar

      2002 PhD

      Characterization of deep-level defects in indium-gallium-arsenic-nitride

      Piyush M. Sinha

      2002 MS

      Electron Transport Properties of MBE Grown InAsP

      John A. Carlin

      2001/2000 PhD/MS Dissertation: 

      Investigation and development of high quality gallium arsenide-on-silicon for space photovoltaics using a graded germanium silicon buffer

      Thesis: Role of Al Content on Surface Roughening and Critical Thickness of Low Temperature AlxGa1-xAs

      Adrian Hierro

      2001 PhD

      Electrical characterization of defects in n-gallium nitride

      Robert M. Sieg

      1998/1994 PhD/MS Dissertation: 

      Critical issues in III-V compound semiconductor epitaxy on group IV (silicon, germanium) substrates for optoelectronic applications

      Thesis: A PL Study of Heavily Doped InP

      Basab Chatterjee

      1997 PhD

      Hydrogen passivation of heteroepitaxial indium phosphide

      William C. Davis

      1997 MS

      Digital Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy: Improved Data Analysis and Semiconductor Device Characterization through Linear Predictive Modeling

      Patrick N. Grillot

      1996/1993 PhD/MS Dissertation: 

      Defects induced by strain-relaxation in heteroepitaxial germanium-silicon alloys

      Thesis: Analysis of the Electronic Properties of Dislocations in Heteroepitaxial Germanium-Silicon

      Rafael A. Mena

      1995 PhD

      Novel measurement techniques for the characterization of advanced HEMT structures for communication applications

      Post Doctoral Researchers Years    
      Christine Jackson 2018-2019    
      Drew Cardwell 2013-2015    
      Santino Carnevale 2013-2015    
      Javier Grandal 2010-2012    
      Visiting Scholars Years    
      Alicia Gonzalo Martin  2016    
      Alejandro Kurtz de Griñó  2014    
      Elisa Garcia-Tabarés 2013    

      Beatriz Galiana-Blanco

      Emre Gur 2009-2012    
      Undergraduate Students Year   Undergraduate Degree
      Allison Whitney 2020   BS, Materials Science and Engineering 
      Luke (Shining) Xu 2018   BS, Materials Science and Engineering 
      Amber Silvaggio 2017   BS, Electrical and Computer Engineering
      Deep Shah 2015   BS, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
      Austin Speelman 2012   BS, Electrical and Computer Engineering