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Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis

CEMAS is one of the largest concentrations of electron and ion beam analytical microscopy instruments in any North American institution.  This includes two aberration corrected scanning transmission electron microscopes (S/TEM).  One instrument is optimized for high spatial resolution imaging and analysis with the capability to provide sub-angstrom resolution, while the second instrument is designed for investigation of soft materials and biomaterials with the ultimate in chemical analysis capabilities as well as high resolution imaging performance.

CEMAS is housed in a custom-designed environment located on West Campus.  This facility provides a world-class environment for five transmission electron microscopes (TEM), three scanning electron microscopes (SEM) and two dual-beam focused ion beam (FIB) instruments.  Funding is being sought to add two additional TEMs and one SEM in order to provide a complete portfolio of capabilities. Sample preparation laboratories for life sciences, physical sciences and engineering are provided with full technical support.  The provision of a comprehensive computer laboratory for data processing and image simulation will allow academic and industrial users to carry out their entire microscopy and analysis program under one roof.  A support team of technical, research, administrative and academic staff based at CEMAS provides comprehensive support to all users through a variety of mechanisms from contract research to collaborative projects.   Open plan desk space is provided for research students and post-doctoral researchers based at the facility with “hot-desks” available for occasional users.  Long term industrial and commercial partners can be provided with secure office space for semi-permanent staff.        

The imaging and analytical facilities will be complimented by extensive sample preparation facilities.  As well as FIB prep for TEM, there are tools for cutting, grinding, trepanning and ion milling samples.  For SEM preparation there are Carbon and Au coaters, which can also be used for replica techniques.  The preparation equipment covers a wide range of techniques to handle the large variety of samples that are brought into the facility.

Furthermore, the provision of an extensive computational and image processing suite allows users to fully exploit the results obtained using the instruments.